Picking Up Where Other Movers Quit

Many moving companies will move your belongings, but they may not move them into your new home or business location, especially if you have heavy

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Overcoming Any Moving Challenge

Whether heavy or delicate, we will move your items to their new destination safely with our full range of advanced moving equipment and our fleet of well-

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Our Outstanding Reputation

Since we stand behind our family name, we work harder to earn our creditability. This is why we have earned a reputation for being one of the best moving services

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Moving Company in Hampton, New Hampshire

Let our moving family help you alleviate the stress and strain of moving. Cormier Movers, based in Hampton, New Hampshire, is a friendly, family-owned-and-operated moving company that specializes in all your local, long-distance, commercial, or residential moves. We are experts at moving pianos, and we also provide storage and packing services and materials to meet all your moving needs.banner_contentbanner_contentbanner_content

Recent Testimonial

"Fabulous! Fantastic! You made the impossible possible. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give you a 20+
Leslie B., Roslyn, New York

"Terrific crew! Great guys! Cormier was much better than our last mover!
T.H., Exeter, New Hampshire